E-Teacher Scholarship Program

The University of Oregon’s American English Institute offers graduate-level online E-Teacher courses for non-U.S. citizen English as a Foreign Language (EFL) professionals.

Scholarships cover tuition and access to course materials.
These courses will be offered in the Summer:

- Introduction to Pedagogy and Practices for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Methods);

- Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web (Web Skills);

- Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL);

- Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching (CT);

- Assessment: Summative and Formative Practices in Language Learning and Teaching (Assessment).


Candidates should be highly motivated in-service EFL educators, teacher trainers, or ministry officials who are dedicated to their own professional development and willing to share their knowledge with colleagues. In addition, they should:

- Be able to dedicate time to complete the course (8-10+ hours/week);

- Possess high-intermediate to advanced English language skills (approximately 525 TOEFL / 70 TOEFL iBT);

- Have access (4-5 times per week minimum) to a reliable, up-to-date computer with high-speed Internet access;

- Have basic technology skills related to email, Internet searches and downloads/uploads, logins/passwords, and file use (e.g., PDF, MS Word, Excel).

How to apply? – Contact please Regional English Language Officer, by email RELO-Astana@state.gov AND Asiyat Suleimenova, U.S. Embassy Astana, by email SuleimenovaA@state.gov , OR fax +7 (7172) 702388 (attn.: Asiyat Suleimenova or RELO)

Deadline - March 24, 2013

Applications submitted after March 24, 2013 will not be considered.

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24 марта 2013